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Welcome to Pam's House Blend 2.0!

How to change your password:

It’s probably a smart idea to change your password from the default one sent to you. The default password is randomly generated by SoapBlox, so it’d probably be better to have a password you can remember. To change your password, follow these steps.

1. Click on “[your username’s] page” link in the Menu Blox 2. Click on the “Profile” link 3. Click on “Email/Password”

You will now be at the screen where you can change your password. Enter in whatever password you want into the box provided, and re-type the same password again the box below. Then hit “Save”. If everything is ok, you will see a message appear saying “Changes Saved. Password Changed!”

You have just changed your password.

Here are some other basics:
Here is a list to help you get up and going on a SoapBlox

[For folks having trouble staying logged in, try the “Ugly URL” for the site: . Some browsers seem to work better than others at this.

After the flip are some answers to user FAQ, including how to change your password, as they come in…]

Come join folks at the new coffeehouse location!

There’s still a bit of construction going on, but the fresh Blend will be posted here from now on.

Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls to if you haven’t done so already.

Version Blend 1.0 is alive and well and at its original location,

If you look over in the lefthand column here, you can search for any article at the old coffehouse via Google, and the Best of the Blend features also point back to the archives.

Version 2.0 is not on Blogger, it is hosted by, which allows users to have diaries, much like DKos, though you won’t see a lot of activity here on that front in the early going, I want to get the site settled and working well. My major motivation for getting off Blogger was its increasing unreliability.

One small downside is that folks will have to register to comment (see the “Make New Account” box in upper right corner), but folks do that all the time at my other haunt, Pandagon without a lot of fuss. Please be kind as you toss tomatoes at the blogmistress for this inconvenience.

Take a look around; one of the nice new features is a blogroll of the regular commenters in the coffeehouse. Without you all, it’s not a community.

Leave comments and suggestions, and have a cup of tea or java.

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