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This and that 2.0 — open thread

[NOTE: I’ll be online in the Blend Coffee Klatch from 7:00-7:30 EST tonight if you have questions or just want to gab.]

Since I’ve been working on PHB 2.0, I’ve not had time to post, but I wanted to pass on items that came in the mailbag…

* Daimeon has clued us in on the latest folks added to Porno Pete’s “Pro-Homosexuality Blogs” over at Americans for Truth (PHB was among the first five “deviant sites” added). Say hello to LaBarbera’s latest monitorees:

* Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has a 2007 Lift the Ban Wall Calendar available, which honors twelve veterans from various branches of the U.S armed forces and supports the work of SLDN. The “Lift the Ban” calendar includes images from the organization’s national ad campaign, captured on film by photographer Judy G. Rolfe. Three veterans featured: Former Marine Sergeant Brian Fricke, Former Air Force Sergeant David Hall, and Former Navy Lieutenant Paula Neira. Visit SLDN’s CafePress shop for the calendar and more merchandise.

* Autumn points to an article about the stabbing of a Latina transwoman in San Diego. A 41-year-old man walked up and threatened to take his purse, she attempted to get away, but the robber stabbed her under arm collapsing the victim’s lung. The SD Union-Tribune added insult to injury by referring to her as a “man dressed as a woman.”

* Autumn also passed on news of the feds pushing for a life sentence for San Antonio police officer who raped a transsexual while on duty.

* How about this open letter to Michael Richards by Warren.

* Surf over and check out ace Raw Story reporter Larisa Alexandrovna’s blog, AtLargely. She also has a great piece up on Raw: Were a Russian journalist and an ex-KGB officer murdered over an investigation of the Beslan terrorist attack?

* Speaking of spies, how prepping for the CIA’s online personality test? (h/t Spot4Me)

* This was published elsewhere, but if you didn’t catch it, here’s an interview with Haggard escort Mike Jones at Gay & Lesbian Times.

* Nina at Queercents, a personal finance blog for the queer community, announced that it is expanding its weekly interview series (Kate and I did one of its Money & Mates features), including “What Would You Do?” a weekly column poses questions and invites readers to comment about the ethics and personal side of money. Some sample Qs from Nina: Do you bring your own food into the movie theatre, do you ever tip less than 20 percent, do you round-up when you tell people how much you make, and do you alert the clerk when he’s missed an item in the check-out process?

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