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Fundie Flip's Friday Wal-Mart protest flops

Operation Save America’s Rev. Flip Benham, the joker who showed up with his laughable crew at this year’s NC Pride, attempted to bring down the big box retailer with a Black Friday protest.

It was an utter failure. (Star-Telegram):

A showboating North Carolina pastor called for Christians to protest Wal-Mart on Friday. From a look at the parking lot, I’m guessing that didn’t quite pan out.

…Instead of shopping, Benham spent Friday morning out front of a Charlotte store, preaching against same-sex relationships and passing out leaflets.

One said Wal-Mart is being “blackmailed by the Devil himself.”

All Wal-Mart did was spend $25,000 this year to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, a typical special-interest business group that promotes free enterprise more than free love.

…But to Benham and his followers in Operation Save America, Wal-Mart is a conservative company sliding down the slippery slope toward Gomorrah.

“Wal-Mart is a company built on biblical principles,” he said by phone from the Charlotte protest. “God bless Wal-Mart. Christians love Wal-Mart. We aren’t here to hurt Wal-Mart. We’re here to show that we’re concerned and praying for Wal-Mart.”

When the AFA threatened a boycott of Wal-Mart over its “pro-homo” policies, Flip was ecstatic. Unfortunately, the retailer’s announcement that the company “will not donate money to controversial causes unrelated to business”  but will continue its support of business and workplace groups. That still includes bodies like the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and Out and Equal (an advocacy group for gay and lesbian workers), so that didn’t rub Flip the right way. In his opinion, Dapper Don Wildmon laid down for the Homosexual Agenda.

He basically comes unhinged on his web site,

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The American Family Association bought the lie.  It took the bait!  It pronounced forgiveness before repentance.

This spirit that presently inhabits the corporate shell of Wal-Mart is the devil himself, and he is having his way.  Why?  Because we, in the Church of Jesus Christ, are not willing to cut off his head.  He was on the ropes – we had him – he was exposed – repentance was near – Wal-Mart was about to turn, and then we let him go.  What a bunch of idiots we are!  Wal-Mart is at its wits end

…David didn’t have any problem cutting off Goliath’s head for he knew that Goliath was an enemy of God and an enemy of God’s people.  He knew the havoc Goliath would wreak if he were allowed to live. Wal-Mart, as it now exists, needs to die so that the Wal-Mart of Sam Walton might be resurrected in Jesus’ Name.

We, in the Church, have become so effeminate!  No, maybe we have become so … Republican!  Isn’t this what Republicans do – snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! 

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