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Exodus 'ex-gay' Close Encounters planned for summer youth camp

A fundie promotional release just landed in my inbox for something called Ignite Student Outreach’s “Close Encounters” Youth Summer Camp ’07, an event targeting student evangelists.

The camp locations: Bradenton, FL, Winnsboro, SC, Ridgecrest, NC, and Norman Park, GA. You can join the fun for a mere $239 (a fire sale $219 if you go to the  Bradenton camp). According to the flyer, these locales were selected to “keep your students entertained and engaged as God begins to do a work on their hearts.”

You can experience  the excitement and wisdom of guest speakers such as Scott Davis, director of Exodus Youth and Alan Chambers, “former homosexual” and ex-gay-for-pay head of Exodus International. That should set the alarm bells off about what this camp is about.

Davis’s bio makes his mission at the camp clear:

Scott’s goal is to encourage the evangelical church to reach out to youth grappling with their sexual identity with God’s radical grace and unswerving truth. He educates and trains college and youth leaders on this issue and currently oversees the Groundswell Conference — nationwide training seminars that equip community leaders with a powerful, redemptive response to the growing crisis of pro-gay initiatives in America’s schools.

Fun fact: Camp speaker and “youth communicator” Justin Lookadoo, a low-rent “Christian author” and abstinence “educator,” found himself in a lot of hot water earlier this year when he gave one of his bottom-feeder motivational talks at Merritt Island High School in Florida.

…the controversy over Monday’s assembly at Merritt Island High School made its way all the way to school district offices. Meanwhile, students were split over the message some said insulted female students with statements like “you can kick my woman…but you can’t kick my dog.”

“[The Christian author said,] ‘Women shouldn’t be surprised, if they dress like a piece of meat, if men want to put them on the barbeque,'” said student Dana Tarasabage.

*  ‘Motivational speaker’ at school compares girls to meat

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