No war for us please. We’re Dartmouth legacies.

Charles Rangel essentially said what we all know to be true. Nobody really wants to go to Iraq to fight and most enter into the service to take advantage of the increased bonuses and educational opportunities. So while John Hinderaker calls it “foolishness“, perhaps he can explain why neither he, Paul Mirengoff, or Scott Johnson (all three of whom have children old enough to serve) have yet to have a child enlist to fight this Clash of Civilizations that threatens Apple Valley via Baghdad. It was only today that Paul, writing about Chuck Hagel, said:

Senator George Aiken once said we should leave Vietnam and declare victory. Lacking Aiken’s audacity, Senator Chuck Hagel urges that we leave Iraq and declare a draw.

Hagel may not be the biggest fool in the Senate, but after reading his piece in today’s Washington Post I’m at a loss to identify a bigger one. Hagel insists that “there will be no victory or defeat for the United States in Iraq.” But if the U.S. leaves Iraq and, with our soldiers gone, al Qaeda establishes a base for terrorist operations, that sure sounds like defeat. And if our forced exit, to which Hagel will have contributed, becomes a huge morale victory and recruiting tool for terrorists, as less dramatic past U.S. exits have, surely that would be a defeat too.

If we are going to stay and fight than we’re going to need some of our best and our brightest, and that includes the children of bland, white, upper-middle-class attorneys. Anyone unwilling to contribute to the cause, and curbside waving of the flag or pony-wishing doesn’t count, must be considered deeply unserious.

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