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Bob Geiger has some fantastic cartoons up for the Saturday funnies.  Give yourself a laugh or two today — you've earned it.  And for an extra giggle, take a peek at this animated ditty from Handelsman.  Bwahahahaha.

— Just when you are getting sick of turkey, Digby finds a huge one.  Blech.  (Digby also finds a choice piece in the American Conservative that is worth a read.  Yes, you read me correctly.)

Taylor has some thoughts on "Bobby."  Don't know about you guys, but that film definitely seems babysitter-worthy.  We don't tend to get many date nights, but I think we'll be making some plans for this one. 

Jeralyn discusses the illegal NSA wiretapping program and the meaning of oversight.

— And then, there are thoughts about showers…and Dr. James Dobson…from TBogg.  (Yeah, I know.  There's a sentence I never thought that I'd be writing, either.)

Maha finds some cognitive dissonance with the wingnuttiest among us.

— And then there is this from Juan Cole — it's a headline that pretty much says it all:  "Sunnis Set Afire, Mosques Attacked; Nearly 100 Killed in Reprisals; Muqtada Challenges Dhari." 

Billmon has some thoughts about Jim Webb. 

— In case you were wondering, handicapping leadership moves from the outside is…well, I'll let Matt Stoller at MyDD tell you.

— Some great dissection of jokes (and not so funnies) via Kung Fu Monkey.

Will Bunch asks a good question about NFL halftime shows and anti-war lyric cuts.  Will also points to this post at another Philly blog, wherein the recipient of an e-mail from Rick Santorum's office is told to contact Bob Casey or Arlen Specter about their problem…because Santorum apparently doesn't give a  crap, even though he's still earning a salary from your tax dollars for another couple of months.  Moron.

— And Crooks and Liars has some hot Santana and Rob Thomas.  Love this song.

(Image via Star Trek Inspirational Posters.  Bwahahahaha.)

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