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WND 2008 musings open thread

Just wanted to pass on some hilarity to chew on from the always entertaining WingNutDaily folks…

Whom would you like to be the Republican nominee for president in 2008?

This column by may explain exactly where these folks are coming from.

The GOP is in serious trouble. All conservatives I know are furious that the pro-amnesty Mel Martinez will be the new RNC Chair. A GOP county chair recently said to me, “If the GOP continues to move to the Left, conservatives will have no choice but to vote third party in 2008.”

…The GOP is peddling liberal candidates (John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Condoleezza Rice), and trying to silence potential conservatives (like Tancredo).

Despite what they may say to secure the nomination, McCain, Giuliani, and Rice are all pro-affirmative action, pro-choice, pro-homosexual, pro-interventionist foreign policy, pro-NAFTA superhighway, pro-North American Union, and support the third-world invasion of America.

Although Mitt Romney has tried recently to sell himself as a conservative, he has a very long track record of liberal causes. One can almost be certain that he is a liberal in disguise.

…Although only a rumor among bloggers, there is the hope that Lou Dobbs may seek the Reform Party nomination. Dobbs, a great patriot, is a life-long conservative, anti-North American Union, anti-free trade, and opposes the third-world invasion of America. Dobbs also is very popular nationally, potentially could sweep the general election, and would be an outstanding president. If Lou Dobbs runs, you should expect to see many defections not only from the GOP, but also from the Democratic Party.

Ah, if only they would go third party. We’d all breathe a sigh of relief.


And how about this poll, lol? They don’t have their hearts in it to even speculate.

Whom would you like to be the Democrat nominee for president in 2008?

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