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Oregon may ok civil unions next year

Cheers to another state moving in the right direction. The bill under consideration creates a registry for same-sex couples, and grants guarantees of inheritance benefits, pensions, property rights when a partner dies, and the right to make medical decisions for a partner.

The likely change is boosted by the fact that both houses of the state legislature are now Democrat-controlled. (365gay):

The Democratically controlled Senate last year approved a civil unions bill only to see it die in the Republican dominated House.

The GOP leadership first gutted the legislation and then House Speaker Karen Minnis refused to allow it to come to a vote. In an interview at the time, Minnis said Oregonians decided the issue in 2004 when they joined with voters in 10 other states in passing gay marriage bans.

The measure had the support of Gov. Ted Kulongoski who has pledged to support the reintroduction of the legislation. …House Majority Leader-elect Dave Hunt said he believes the majority of Oregonians support civil unions and that the legislation will be passed.

“We are not talking about bringing up divisive issues. We’re trying to follow positions that we think are very much supported by a majority of Oregonians on education, health care, public safety and civil rights.”

The vile Minnis, by the way, survived a grassroots campaign to unseat her.

Oregon’s Karen Minnis: one-woman bigot crew against civil unions

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