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Clearly still smarting from the cancellation of the Mel Torme Show or something, our Red State Brethren are all atwitter after old straight people in Arizona defeated a ban on gay marriage because they wanted to protect their right of "shacking up" (yes those are quotation marks), which they refer to as "concubinage" (I just read 'em, folks, I don't make 'em up).  Polygamists, likewise, are "bootstrapping their own cause in to the issue of same sex marriage," because…well, let's let the WalMart Ciceros mount the marble plinth once again:

For those who have ridiculed us traditionalists whenever we raise the usually disreputable “slippery slope” argument in the defense of marriage as understood by most cultures over several millennia these articles should serve as evidence that we are not exaggerating. When viewed through the mawkishly distorted prism of the arguments proffered by proponents of homosexual marriage their particular cases are compelling and if we accept the idea of marriage as some amorphous “human right” they are irrefutable.

While furiously stroking the Thesaurus for polysyllabic Latinate words, the poster simultaneously manages to wind around to "the adult movie business," "shack jobs" (again) and an admission that polygamy might be kinda neat:

In fact, other than it being illegal by fiat I really, truly have no objection to the practice whatsoever.

I'd say this rates pretty high up on the list of Unlikely GOP Fantasies. And then she parted her pretty, perfect lips and said "I just can't date another liberal …"

There's always a quaint touch of atavism over at Red State, and it does bring back nostalgia for things you haven't heard since your grandma died.  Still, I feel like maybe we should pitch in and buy them a calendar or something.  

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