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Anti-gay Minnesota lawmaker charged with domestic violence has a history of abuse at the office as well

Avidor at Dump Mark Olson has passed along more information about the sleazy Republican Minnesota representative, who was recently seen boo-hooing for the cameras after being charged with two counts of domestic assault for shoving his wife to the ground several times. He says that he will not resign. Hear the audio of him begging for forgiveness in front of the reporters.

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Well, why should he resign when he has stellar defenders like this citizen:

I know Mark Olson personally. You are being judgemental and critical without knowing the facts of his marriage or situation. I do know the facts. Raising teenagers and in particular teenagers that are not your own is a very difficult job. You all make me very sick. You sound very hateful and vengeful and I am disgusted. I hope you will all have to eat your words someday. Don’t judge others when you don’t walk in their shoes. Isn’t that what you homosexuals are asking of others…You don’t want others passing judgement on you so why do you do it to others, you hypocrites.


It seems the Big Lake, Minnesota legislator also landed in the Star Tribune in 1997 for abusing an aide.

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This thug was later reprimanded by his caucus leader for “work style” in dealing with his staff. because he is a “perfectionist” and has “high expectations,” and had to attend sessions on ways of “improving employee relations.”

Bonus: Rep. Mark Olson On Marriage Equality. He bleats on and on about God and family and government and how marriage is between a man and a woman. Is there anything in the bible about beating your wife, Olsen?


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