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T-day open thread

What’s for dinner? Doing anything special?

The favorite standbys for us this year in Delaware:

* Leg of lamb (marinated with lots of garlic, worchestershire sauce, black pepper, celery and carrots)
* turkey
* homemade mac and cheese
* collard greens
* green beans
* sweet potatoes
* Waldorf salad
* apple pie and pumpkin pie

Tagamet will probably be necessary.


Kate and I were just laughing at a report this AM on CNN by Soledad O’Brien. There was a story about wild turkeys standing on a train platform caught on a webcam, and she made segue to the next segment and said “Speaking of turkeys…”

…and the cut to the next shot was of Bush with his usual sh*t-eating grin, walking down the White House steps.

Later in the shot they showed him with the turkey that he “pardoned” this year.

REUTERS/Larry Downing


And I cannot leave out this article I just came across:

‘Kramer’ apologizes, hires crisis expert. Really pathetic; actually the worst aspect of this is that his new specialty publicist, Howard Rubenstein, as part of his crisis management, gives as a piece of advice for Richards to get on the horn to self-aggrandizing and continued presumed leader of the black community by the MSM — Jesse f*cking Jackson. At least Jackson called it out for what it was.

Jackson, reached by phone, said Richards called “expressing his remorse and his confusion.”

He’s embarrassed. He got caught on tape. That’s a big part of his anxiety now,” said Jackson.

Damn. Richards is pissed because someone had the camera. Isn’t that special?


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