Thanksgiving Random Ten

Last winter I found a man and wife
Just about daybreak
Layin’ in a frozen ditch
South of the interstate
I wrapped ‘em both in blankets
But she’d already died
The next day we sent him back alone
Across the borderline.

I don’t know where they came from
Or where they planned to go
But we carried her all night long
Through the California snow.

The old iPod picture is messed up so we have a new one. Change is good. Change is great, so let’s get going:

My Bag – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
On The Radio – Regina Spektor
From A Motel 6 – Yo La Tengo
Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
The Land of Rape and Honey – Ministry
Untitled 6 – Sigur Ró — from ()
California Snow – Dave Alvin
Ferry Cross the Mersey – Pay Metheny
Jesus Christ Was An Only Child – Sun Kil Moon (Modest Mouse cover)
Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye

Bonus #11: La Pistola y El Corazón – Los Lobos
…and now a completely unrelated video:

Play it loud.

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