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Army recruiters selectively ignore gay ban – and sign up gang members

CBS4 in Denver, in an undercover investigation, found recruiters perfectly eager to enlist people who walked up and disclosed that they were gay.

The recruiters told people showing interest in being a soldier to keep their homosexuality to themselves.

Military policy states that if a potential service member discloses that he or she is gay, they are supposed to be immediately disqualified.

“We encountered one recruiter who said ‘I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Is that right?” CBS4 asked the head of Army recruiting in Denver.

“Well, if what you say is correct, that is not right.” Lt. Col. Reginald Cox answered. “We don’t condone that behavior at all.”

The video of the full report is here. If this is going on, there’s no point in having DADT on the books, no?

>Hat tip to Steve Ralls of SLDN’s The Frontlines, who said “We applaud recruiters for wanting access to the best and brightest, regardless of sexual orientation, but the best way to get there is for those same recruiters to speak out in favor of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”.”

In an even more ridiculous development, in another report by the station, they looked at the military’s use of ‘moral waivers’ to beef up its ranks. The waivers are written permission bypass certain rules, such as drug use or membership in a gang — the applicant merely has to state that it’s “in the past.”

It’s hit-or-miss whether the military will slip you in if you’re a homo, but it appears gang membership is definitely not a disqualifier when there aren’t enough warm bodies.

A CBS4 employee also went in with a hidden camera and this time suggested he was a gang member.

“Does it matter that I was in a gang or anything like that?” he asked the recruiter.

At first, he was told the Army doesn’t accept enlistees who were gang members, but then the senior officer stepped in.

“You may have had some gang activity in the past and everything, ok, and that in itself does not disqualify you,” he said.

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