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Others have had their say today, so one more won't hurt:

Saddam Hussein was a beast who had twice invaded his neighbors, had killed his own people with abandon and posed a threat — and not just a theoretical one — to Israel. If anything, I was encouraged in my belief by the offensive opposition to the war — silly arguments about oil or empire or, at bottom, the ineradicable and perpetual rottenness of America.

I can only speak for myself but after everyone in the nation came together a brief period of communal 9/11 porn the ensuing lust for vengeance was, to me, an impulse not to be trusted. George Bush and the neocons had been sporting wood to invade Iraq for years, so when they trotted that one out once again and dusted it off I didn't trust that, either.  Didn't trust our Preznit's lack of emotional maturity, his awkward habit of breaking everything he touched, and his consistent contempt for the very democracy he vociferously insisted on exporting.   The unreasonable dismissal of anyone's claims when they weren't telling them what they wanted to hear, the "war on the cheap" planning and the delusional expectation that we would be greeted with flowers all screamed to me that these people had no fucking clue what they were on about and should not be trusted with anything sharper than a potato peeler.  There were many leaders around the world just as bad or worse to their own people than Sadaam Hussein, and those who could indisputably lay claim to more dangerous toys, and we didn't trouble ourselves much about them so the sneaking suspcion that this effort had more to do with George Bush's ego and his misguided sense of who he was in the world rather than some stupid notion of "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" was not, I think, without merit.

I guess that is just dirty fucking hippie thinking, but it also happened to be right.  Then again, I don't generally characterize real physical violence as "theraputic," but I strongly suspect that the people on the receiving end of it don't either.  


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Jane Hamsher

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