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Pat Boone on Sam Walton

Mr. Sam was determined that his stores would always be “family friendly”; and suddenly, the millions of families he always catered to are seriously pondering the mixed messages coming out of Bentonville. I think he would have remained benignly neutral and non-condemning toward homosexual groups – but would never have donated to their causes.
— Fifties singer and long-former teen heartthrob Pat Boone on the Sam Walton he knew

Another has-been celeb plucked to be a WingNutDaily columnist (see Chuck Norris), Pat Boone has equal cred with the grey hair set.

He spents a lot of column time (The Grinch, the ‘gays’ and Wal-Mart) telling us about his relationship with Wal-mart’s founder, the late Sam Walton, and how the poor guy must be spinning in his grave if he could see what his company is doing now.

Pat’s particularly proud of being able to offer his services to counteract the bad PR the big box retailer for “problems,” you know, like how it treats its workers.

…years later, when other people began to complain about the size and prices and almost unbeatable competition Wal-Mart displayed, and stories kept popping up in publications charging the juggernaut with “unfair competition,” non-union employees, of not treating employees right – all kinds of bad publicity, whether well-founded or not – I called the top brass at Wal-Mart and offered my services, my name and reputation, if they could use them, to help counteract these negatives. And they took me up on it, adding me to a sizable group of volunteer citizens who confer from time to time, sharing ideas about how to keep Wal-Mart’s family friendly image strong and true. I still love the Sam Walton I knew, and I feel protective toward him, since he’s not here to personally direct his own business.

This year, instead of bowing and kowtowing to militant atheist and super liberal “political correctness,” so-called, I’m thrilled to see that Wal-Mart has banished “the Grinch” that threatened to steal Christmas, and will be advertising Christmas sales and playing Christmas music – and not conforming to the total “Holiday” imagery and advertising of other milk-toast wimp marketers. Again, the family friendly vision of Sam Walton lives on! I believe he’s smiling somewhere, possibly in the presence of the One whose birth Christmas celebrates.

You really have to read the whole thing. It’s appalling.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding