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"Radical" Russ live interview in Portland

Howdy! I just finished a live interview on Thom Hartmann’s local radio show here in Portland. We were on from 7:35am-7:45am, smack dab in the middle of Portland’s morning commute. When asked “what will you show be focusing on?” I mentioned “personal privacy and civil liberties, with an eye toward so-called ‘fringe’ topics not getting a lot of radio airplay. Take gay marriage, for example. Many hosts don’t want to tackle it because it won’t sell well in the red states, like my home state of Idaho. Well, guess what, there are gay folks in Idaho, too, and discrimination is discrimination no matter if it’s color, religion, or sexuality. Those red states need to be having a discussion about these issues, and need to understand that in America, we don’t treat people differently just because they are different.”

I also gave a massive plug to the Blend – watch that hit counter and see if we get any eyeballs from Stumptown. (That’s Portland to the rest of you — hey, Portland, represent! Leave a comment!)

Wow. I’m an “L”-list celebrity. With determination and hard work, I might make my way to Kathy Griffin level someday!

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