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NC Baptist 'people-loving pastor' bans gays to protect his peeps

“When we take God out, what’s God going to do? He’s going to spank our hind. We’ve got to stand for what we believe. Otherwise our nation is going down the tubes.”
— “Pastor Bill” Sanderson of the Hephzibah Baptist Church in Wendell, NC. His motion to ban gay-friendly churches (and gay parishioners) from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina was passed last week

Take a look at this guy. The Kentucky native’s face is splashed on the front page of the Raleigh News and Observer with the headline “Anti-gay pastor sees role as shielding flock from sin.” Personally, I think he needs to take his bigotry back to his home state.

“We’ve got to fight for our children’s lives,” he said. “When they start saying in school that a man and a man is just like a man and a woman, well no, it’s not.”

On Tuesday, the state Baptist convention approved the so-called Sanderson motion, expelling churches that welcome practicing gays as members. The motion passed by more than two-thirds of delegates, known as messengers, and will allow the convention to investigate churches suspected of countenancing active gays. The action put North Carolina’s Baptist group ahead of most of its peer organizations in other states by defining membership on the single issue of homosexuality.

…At the North Carolina Baptist convention, Sanderson’s motion was opposed by several hundred pastors, including the Rev. Don Gordon of Yates Baptist Church in Durham. Gordon agrees that homosexuality is a sin, but he said he doesn’t think the Bible singles it out.

“Is the homosexuality movement of the 21st century more pervasive than the [pro-] slavery movement of the 19th century?” Gordon asked. “I would contend the slavery movement was more evil, and caused more damage to people’s lives than this movement.”

Unfortunately for Rev. Gordon, the bigots like Sanderson are in the majority in the Baptist State Convention.

The article notes that Sanderson, who was taught by his father that the Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible word, failed his New Testament class at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, because its teachings were considered more moderate at the time. The faculty of the school since that time has been filled with strict biblical literalists.

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