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U.S . Catholic Church seeks to find root of priest sex abuse. I laughed out loud at this one, but look at how the AFP article starts off with a knee-slapper…

The US Roman Catholic Church has asked a criminology school to delve into the darkest pages of its history by probing the causes of a priest sex abuse scandal.

Asked a criminology school? OMG, it’s too much.

The Church wants to “look at what is unique” in the priest sex abuse crisis, he said.

The first part of the study would be completed in 2008 and made public, although the names of suspected priests would be omitted.

In the second part, the university will evaluate the Church leadership’s response to sex abuse cases.

“We want to see where we failed and made some mistakes, and learn from those who handled it well,” Aymond said.

…”Our goal is to ascertain the causes of the clergy sexual abuse crisis and if we need to change any method we have now,” said Teresa Kettlekamp, the executive director of the bishops conference’s Office of Child and Youth Protection, which was created in 2002, in the wake of the sex abuse scandal.

The church needed to put effort into figuring this out long ago; instead they just kept covering up, intimidating families and paying out when the going got tough. And then they still kept shuffling their molesting brethren around to damage more lives. It’s sickening.

Does anyone think Ratzi’s boys are going to do anything more than quietly file the report away?

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