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I just got the chat transcript and thank you to everyone who tuned in and supported me. I thought the criticisms the judges made were legitimate – my goal going in was “I’m going to show them as many sides of me as I can”, figuring that they can train me on the mechanics of radio programming later.

I guess I figured right.

Also, my wife gives everyone big hugs for the PayPal donation. You don’t realize how desperate we’ve gotten, going from 2.5 incomes to .5 incomes, struggling to get by. I hope to give a voice for all the regular working poor folks like us.

I’m also going to be regularly featuring gay issues, probably in an interview segment with a prominent lesbian blogger. If anyone has any nominations… It’s criminal that Democrats and alleged Progressives aren’t more vocal and unambiguous about supporting gay civil rights.

I had a line that I didn’t get to deliver, no thanks to my audience question about Murtha (in my head: “Guess what? I don’t care that much!”) that ate up three minutes. I was going to talk more about how this straight white guy from the Pacific Northwest writes for black Southern lesbian’s blog, and how that’s what makes America great, how we have more in common than not, that as Americans we share common values, one of which is (or should be): mind yer own f*#∈ business.

Also, how the issue is very dear to me because I’m at least 1/8th gay. My grandfather was gay, my mother is gay, and my youngest brother is gay. No, wait, I mean “left handed”. Yeah, that’s it, Grandpa, Mom, and Li’l Bro are all left handed. Sorry, I confuse the two because both are about as relevant to me when I’m judging someone.

Think about it. 10% of the population is left handed. When my mom and grandpa were growing up, that was considered “unnatural”. Schoolteachers forced my mom to write with her right hand through most of her early years because “that’s what is normal”. Eventually we realized as a culture that left handedness was just a naturally occuring flip of a genetic switch that really doesn’t impact the potential or character of a person

We don’t try to force left handers to be righties anymore. They get along just fine, they make a few adjustments to fit within a right handed world, and it is no big deal.

I was then going to go into the Oregon stories of Debbie & Christie Ross and Henrietta Beigh & Andrea Uhreah (I think that’s the name). Debbie used to be Donald, and married Christie, and then went M2F transsexual. Their marriage is still recognized and legal in all fifty states. Henrietta and Andrea used to be Henry and Andrew, and both became women, but not at the same time, and during the time Henry was still Henry but Andy was Andrea, they got married, and their marriage is legally recognized in all fifty states.

So, what this really comes down to is a one penis at the altar requirement. After the vows are exchanged, you can dispose of the penis. Or, I suppose, add another penis. Or are only male-to-female lesbian marriages okay?

By the way, Henrietta & Andrea’s Oregon license plate is 2M2FTS.

Love you all, thanks for all your support!

–“Radical” Russ
Changing the world, one person at a time…

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