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WND columnist: Republican Party + homosexuals = anti-life

Oh lord, here we go again. This time it’s the bleatings of Jill Stanek, “one of the 30 most prominent pro-life leaders of the past 30 years,” according to World Magazine. She’s got a column up at WingNutDaily that the Homosexual Agenda and “pro-abortion” forces are teaming up to destroy society. Peter LaBarbera makes a guest appearance in the column with some unhinged rantings.

…the homosexual and abortion lobbies are evil twins with the same agenda. Both want the freedom to commit illicit sex without physical or moral consequences.

…Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth explained, “What unifies the abortion and homosexuality lobbies is selfishness: One says their right to kill unborn children is based on control over ‘their own body.’ The other says their right to practice homosexual behavior takes precedence over moral-based laws such as sodomy laws. They are now pushing the debate toward ‘sexual freedom’ rather than rights based on ‘sexual orientation.'”

Good grief. How does that square with gays who might be “pro-life,” for instance? Oh geez, why am I bothering with that one. The insanity continues.

Homosexual activists push comprehensive sex ed, too, which promotes gay sex. The goal of the gay/abortion lobbies here is the same: Talk up sex to titillate kids to enter into promiscuous hetero- or homosexual lifestyles while calling the behavior normal. Gays get fresh meat, and pro-aborts get customers.

The groups have parallel talking points. For instance, most abortions are simply methods of birth control used after illicit sex. If there were no illicit sex, there would be hardly any abortions. But the abortion lobby focuses us on the “hard cases” – rape, incest, handicapped babies, life of the mother – to legitimize all.

Likewise, AIDS is a disease usually transmitted via unnatural sex that causes tears in mucosal lining by which a killer virus enters into the body. If there were no homosexual sex, AIDS would not be pandemic.

Jesus, what about Africa or Asia where het sex is the primary means of transmission of HIV — is she simply blind to what is occurring? Oh that’s right, I guess those continents with “colored people” don’t rate in a discussion on the pandemic — those people don’t matter. It’s all homos, all the time.


Porno Pete weighs in on the Transgender Agenda

Speaking of the Americans for Truth honcho, I see Peter LaBarbera’s broadening his scope of practice, and has established a TG Agenda to fight. According to Pete we have formed a conspiracy to destroy the sanctity of marriage through “gender confusion.” (AgapePress):

The New York City Board of Health is considering a radical new proposal that would allow people to change their gender on paper, without regard to their God-given anatomy and without the necessity of any surgical or other physical alterations. One pro-family advocate believes same-sex “marriage” activists have an ulterior motive in pushing this plan. New York City is moving forward with the proposal, which would let people alter the sex listed on their birth certificate, even if they have not had sex-reassignment surgery.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, says this new approach to sex-redefinition has a purpose. “The transgender agenda may be the way that the homosexuals secure so-called gay marriage,” he suggests. “What they’re doing is they’re saying gender is what you want it to be instead of what it’s biologically created to be by God.”

It is preposterous, LaBarbera contends, for a person to simply decide what his or her gender is when “for the vast, vast majority of people, they have biology to tell them.” The Americans for Truth spokesman says he believes this campaign to redefine gender “is the most radical movement, I think, in the whole agenda.” The New York City Board of Health is expected to vote on the proposal in December, and it is expected to pass.

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