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Off to Houston

I was asked to serve on a panel at the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute’s International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference a little while back, to discuss the election. This was actually booked before the CNN gig.

I’ll be landing in Houston when this panel starts on Friday; too bad I’ll miss it (here’s the sched):

beyond foley: the future of the closet
Perhaps Gov. Jim McGreevey said it best recently; “The closet is a sick place.” Revelations about politicians and pastors have put the issue of the closet in the spotlight, and voters may be primed to favor openly LGBT cnadidates and public officials over those who are unwilling to be honest about their lives. Panelists will discuss coming out in the public arena, the future for openly LGBT officials and fallout from the Mark Foley scandal.

As far as my panel goes, one can only hope that I have something interesting to contribute on Saturday morning along with these folks…

election analysts roundtable
In our Election Analysts Roundtable, nationally renowned political commentators, strategists and consultants will discuss the current state of LGBT politics, give a recap of the 2006 elections and look ahead to the critical 2008 races.

Governor Howard Dean
Chairman, Democratic National Committee

Celinda Lake Democratic Pollster
Pam Spaulding Pam’s House Blend
Patrick Guerriero Executive Director, Gill Action
Richard W. Murray, Ph.D. Director, Univ. of Houston Center for Public Policy; Professor, Political Science, Univ. of Houston
Donna Dasko
Senior Vice President, Environics Research Group Limited

Ari Shapiro
Justice Report, Washington Desk, National Public Radio

Three topics I suggested to Ari Shapiro that we cover —
* the defeat of the Arizona marriage amendment
* the dust-up over Patricia Todd’s primary victory in the Dem race for Alabama House District 54 (long story, read these posts)
* addressing black homophobia the impact of the silence by Democratic party at all levels, something that reared its ugly head in the Todd race (I figured if I didn’t bring it up, it probably wouldn’t be discussed).


On my first trip to Texas I visited Arlington, which wasn’t a very thrilling city, lol. I did visit Dallas briefly to see the Sixth Floor Museum. I’m flying home Saturday, so I won’t get to see much of Houston. I still have not had the pleasure of visiting San Antonio or Austin.

So are there Texan Blenders out there to tell me what there is to see and do in Houston that I’m going to miss out on?

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Pam Spaulding