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Digby discusses the media treatment of Democrats versus the Republicans, contrasting the treatment given to Newt Gingrich after the "Republican Revolution" versus what we have seen in the ten days since the mid-term elections.  That's correct, it's been ten days, and already the Democrats are "in disarray" with "deep divisions" and Nancy Pelosi has been served a "stunning defeat."  Do these media people even listen to themselves?  It has been ten freaking days??!!??  MSNBC continues its "Dems in disarray" orgy this morning, and the screen shot that Digby has from Media Matters is not to be missed — Wolf Blitzer is carrying the heavy water again.

Digby finishes with the following thoughts, which I think are spot on and worth repeating, over and over.

There are no honeymoons for Democrats. Remember that. And "moral authority" is about haircuts and Hollywood, not torture and illegal wars. It is not merely a fight against the Republicans or a fight over politics and policy. It is a non-stop battle with the press to cover events with seriousness and responsiblity. For some reason, when Democrats are in power the press corps immediately goes from being merely shallow to insufferable, sophomoric assholes….

These are Clinton rules, folks. Get used to it.

And, as if on cue, TBogg provides us with a great example of the slant that Digby talks about:

COOK: Right. But I think what Malkin wants to do is not to tell people to act violently so much as—I do think she wants to sort of introduce a kind of thuggish sort of intimidating tone into the political debate, this kind of let’s not let them boss us around anymore. I think that’s sort of—she has got a very combative kind of truculent rhetorical pose.

So, let me see if I have this straight: Democrats have a number of options for their leadership of the House of Representatives, which they took over in a decisive election just ten days ago for the first time in twelve years, and that means they are a failure. But Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter incite violent fantasies which are then actually carried out from their deluded readership and that means that they have a "very combative kind of truculant rhetorical pose."

Just so we're clear, that is nuts.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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