….and, we’re back.

Missed me, didn’t you? Or not. Whatever.

Back from LA which is caught up in the post-election euphoria of seeing America come around to its Coastal Elitist ways as opposed to, for example, Cincinnati; which is to say more sodomy and less midwestern gosh-shucks common sense. Refreshing isn’t it?

Casino Royale is quite good on the Bond-ometer scale having reclaimed the brutal Ian Fleming prototype away from the mannequins and the cartoons. Director Martin Campbell and the screenwriters did a terrific job remolding Bond in the same way that Christopher Nolan pulled Batman off of the camp slag heap. Watching the film, I got the feeling that Matt Damon’s Bourne movies played no small part in reminding the producers that the James Bond character, much like Jason Bourne, is supposed to be a brutal souless government assassin; more cold-blooded killer and less Smoove B. If this doesn’t make Daniel Craig into a big star, I’ll be quite surprised.

As for Disneyland, this was my first visit in some time and I was amazed that most every ride now has it’s genesis in a film, no matter how flimsy the connection to Disney’s own studio; Indiana Jones, Star Wars. Needless to say, the Deliverance Whitewater Flume Ride and Country Hoedown was unexpected in more ways than I care to describe. Also there were too many kids there today and, don’t get me wrong I like kids as much as the next guy as long as the ‘next guy’ isn’t Mark Foley, but shouldn’t they have been in school or buying PS3’s or something?

Unpredictable little beasts aren’t they?

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