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Police taser state at UCLA

What the hell is going on in this country? Police were doing a routine check of student IDs at the UCLA’s Powell Library computer lab. Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23, didn’t have his ID with him, so police were called to escort him from the building. He was already leaving when they arrived, but then all hell broke loose.


Without this video, taken with a camera phone, it would have been just another tale of crazy students making sh*t up. You have to see this whole video to see the full flowering of a police state. The screams are blood curdling.

From the Daily Bruin.

By this time the student had begun to walk toward the door with his backpack when an officer approached him and grabbed his arm, at which point the student told the officer to let him go. A second officer then approached the student as well.

The student began to yell “get off me,” repeating himself several times.

It was at this point that the officers shot the student with a Taser for the first time, causing him to fall to the floor and cry out in pain. The student also told the officers he had a medical condition.

Video shot from a student’s camera phone captured the student yelling, “Here’s your Patriot Act, here’s your fucking abuse of power,” while he struggled with the officers.

As the student was screaming, UCPD officers repeatedly told him to stand up and said “stop fighting us.” The student did not stand up as the officers requested and they shot him with the Taser at least once more.

“It was the most disgusting and vile act I had ever seen in my life,” said David Remesnitsky, a 2006 UCLA alumnus who witnessed the incident.

As the student and the officers were struggling, bystanders repeatedly asked the police officers to stop, and at one point officers told the gathered crowd to stand back and threatened to use a Taser on anyone who got too close.

Laila Gordy, a fourth-year economics student who was present in the library during the incident, said police officers threatened to shoot her with a Taser when she asked an officer for his name and his badge number.

An act of civil disobedience — going limp as police try to force you out of a building, is now grounds for getting you tasered multiple times by campus police? Have the campus police never dealt with a civil protest before, or are they just power-mad with these weapons?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding