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Lone Star fundies fail to stop alcohol sales

This is really old school hopelessness. A bunch of pastors and churches in Burleson, Texas held a 40-day prayer and fasting protest over a ballot initiative to allow the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores.

They were shocked and disappointed that the measure passed.

Reversing a vote in 2004 on the same question, more than 3,100 voters approved the sale of alcohol in convenience stores in Burleson. Local supporters and city officials hope the change will bring in much-needed revenue and incentivize grocery and convenience store chains, spurring them to move into the area.

…Lighthouse Church Pastor Gloria Gillaspie, a member of the Alliance, says her group wanted to show observers in the community that they felt the move to reauthorize the sale of alcohol was wrong, for moral reasons. In an effort to encourage “no” votes in the referendum, the ministers called for a 40-day period of fasting and prayer, which ended November 7.

“We as ministers and pastors got together and said we must take a stand,” Gillaspie notes. She says the group wondered, “What are the young people going to think if the church doesn’t say anything? Will they think that we’re approving of them drinking?”

…At the very least, Gillaspie says, the Alliance feels good about having called the community’s attention to the dangers involved in selling beer and wine in convenience and grocery stores. And in the meantime, she adds, although the warning has not succeeded in stopping the alcohol sales, there are still many opportunities for Christians in Burleson to witness to people concerning the Bible’s statements about drinking.

Imagine life in this town with these bible beaters watching everything that you do.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding