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About that Iraq Study Group…


America, we've got a problem. Take a look at the list of people picked for the ISG.

James Baker – US Secretary of State, 1989-92
James F. Dobbins – US Ambassador to the EU, 1991-93
Charles W. Freeman, Jr. – US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1989-92
Lawrence Eagleburger – Secretary of State, 1992-1993 (replacing Robert M. Gates, nominee for SecDef)
Lee H. Hamilton – 9-11 Commission vice chairman
Vernon Jordan – Advisor to Bill Clinton
Ed Meese – Attorney General under Reagan, 1985-88
Sandra Day O'Connor – US Supreme Court Justice, 1981-2006
Leon Panetta – Bill Clinton' Chief of Staff, 1994-96
William J. Perry – US Secretary of Defense, 1994-97
Chuck Robb – US Senator from Virginia, 1989-2001
Alan Simpson – US Senator from Wyoming, 1979-1997

Leon Panetta?

James F. Dobbins?

Sandra Day O'Connor? I guess I should be grateful there was at least one woman included, but what the hell does she know about sectarian violence in Iraq or any other Middle Eastern country, for that matter?

Nobody, not one person on the Iraq Study Group, has any indepth Middle East experience or expertise.

Vernon Jordan?

Is this some kind of a joke?

Yes, Baker is an Arabist, and Freeman was an ambassador to Saudi Arabia, but that's not exactly expert territory given that Shia are abducting Sunnis by the dozens.

I'm worried. I was before, but now I am seriously worried and the more I hear the larger my concerns grow.

Then the other day we heard Senator Harry Reid say something to the effect that we're not going to force anything on Bush. Reid wants to work out some nice bipartisan agreement. Of course it has to be bipartisan, but holy Bullhead City, we won the election on IRAQ. Now MAJORITY LEADER Reid is going to placate Bush and wait for his lead? Excuse me, but Iraq is falling apart. Or hasn't Harry heard?

We already know St. John wants more troops.

Everyone is waiting for the Iraq Study Group findings, but given the group what can we really expect? The answer scares the crap out of me, especially with Reid taking a wait and see, go slow stance on Iraq, which isn't exactly what the voters went to the polls for, now is it?

This is leading one place and it isn't redeployment.  The fix is in.

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