Really Really Really Early Thursday Basset Blogging

The vivacious and cineastastic mrs tbogg and I have been invited to a private screening of Casino Royale up in Hollywood tonight so I’ll be otherwise occupied and traveling and schmoozing for the rest of the day and evening. And being the carefree and easy-to-amuse couple that we are, we decided late last night that we would stay over and spend Friday sampling the finest in Southern California entertainment high culture because we have a convertible, a full tank of gas, and we’re wearing expensive designer sunglasses.

Yes. We’re going to Disneyland where I will be on the lookout for domestic terrorists at the Jedi Training Academy easily spotted by their I (heart) Michelle Malkin t-shirts and Cheetos-stained fingers.

But enough tomfoolery, let’s have some hot basset action:

Beckham looking less devilish than usual.

…and here is Satchmo looking…well…less dignified than usual.
Okay. He looks demented. ..Actually kind of stupid.
I’m going to be hearing from his publicist, I just know it…

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