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Karl knows what's in the White House closets

Apparently even though Turdblossom laid a big smelly one this election cycle by engineering the loss of the House and Senate with his overconfidence, he’ll be staying on with Dear Leader till the end of his term.

White House insiders are calling for Rove’s head, and the master is displeased, but Rove’s not going anywhere.

Why? Bush is afraid he’ll do a tell-all.

Administration sources said Mr. Rove has sought to stay with Mr. Bush until the end of his presidency. The sources said despite pressure on the president to reshuffle his staff for 2007, Mr. Bush wants Mr. Rove by his side.

“He knows too much,” a source said. “The last thing the president wants is another published memoir and book tour of life inside the White House.”

The sources said Mr. Bush was unhappy with the failure of Mr. Rove’s election strategy, which focused on national security. They said the GOP defeat would probably lead to a different relationship between the two men.

For his part, the president appeared to blame Mr. Rove for the Republican Party’s election strategy, based on the notion that there would not be a significant swing vote. In a jocular tone that accompanied a steely gaze, Mr. Bush portrayed himself as working the campaign circuit while Mr. Rove sat in the White House strategizing.

“I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was,” Mr. Bush said of Mr. Rove.

Ah, here’s a thread for wild, unadulterated speculation — what does Karl Rove know that scares the Chimpster?

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