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Carville’s New Gig


Update:  C&L has the Carville/Buchanan Festival of Sages here

James Carville has spent the past six years happily sequesterd in the gimp closet, visited occasionally by Dick Cheney and the angular harpy he refers to as his wife, Mary Matalin. Now that the Democrats have retaken the House and the Senate, he is apparently allowed out on furlough for more than just occasionally servicing Tim Russert.  He has managed to reclaim a bit of the spotlight once again as he tilts irrelevantly at windmills and carps about Howard Dean.

In his performance on The Situation Room today today he was a skeletal rack of twitching indignation, castigating Dean for not giving Rahm more money to light his cigars with give to Democratic congressional candidates ("my heart bleeds for them" he laments with the melodrama button cranked all the way up to 11).  I wanted Bay Buchanan to offer him a hankie tell him not to worry, Rahm would only have flushed more money down the shitter to follow the $4 million he threw after losers Diane Farrell and Tammy Duckworth, but she just nodded with a bobbling wag of angular features that made me think she could be auditioning for the role of his Second Missus.

Anyway, Bowers has a post up about how much money Carville and other consultants lose when Dean insists on spending money to finance infrastructure rather than letting Rahm burn through it with commercials for poorly-chosen candidates.  And as for Carville's suggestion that if Dean had only handed more money over to Rahm the Dems would have picked up more House seats?  Well, Bowers has been a busy bee and also provides an analysis which indicates that given the success of Democrats in state house races (where people generally just vote straight party ticket without much thought about individual candidates), that Democrats at the national level actually underperformed.  And that suggests, at the very least, that Rahm's choices might have been poor and that he did not do his best to take advantage of the climate of the times.

Carville's cartoon cracker schtick has been usurped almost wholly within the party by Mudcat Saunders, who has actually managed to win a few races in this century. So it's been a while since Carville got shitcanned by Big Dog but every once in a while it's nice to see him crawl out of his hole and and reminds us why.  

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