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Who voted against the Arizona amendment

It looks like the historic thumping of the Arizona marriage amendment, Prop 107 will hold. This is the first state to turn away a bigoted amendment, and I was curious about the voter demographics. CNN’s exit polls broke it down this way:

Against the amendment:
* moderates
* college grads
* white men
* white women
* voters earning over $50K
* younger voters
* city dwellers

* Hispanics

For the amendment:
* majority of blacks
* seniors
* conservative Republicans
* folks in the stix

Other interesting info:

Vote counts from the Arizona Secretary of State’s office show that 107 was defeated in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff and supported in rural parts of the state. The ban was supported by evangelical Christian groups, failed gubernatorial candidate Len Munsil and the Catholic Church. Its failure in the state could show Arizona is moving toward the political center.

The measure was opposed by labor unions, the Arizona Democratic Party, gay rights groups, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and some business groups including the Scottsdale Area and Tucson Metropolitan chambers of commerce.

Could this success be replicated elsewhere, or is there something unique about Arizona (as opposed to Wisconsin which easily passed its ban, despite conventional wisdom it would go down) that is responsible for defeating this amendment?

Read the refreshing reader comments accompanying this AZStar article.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding