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Tagaris Opens The Book…


Tim Tagaris has filled in a bit of the back story on the Connecticut Senate race and the Lamont campaign in a DKos diary.  For those of you who have been asking questions and second-guessing campaign strategies and trying to figure out who did or did not do work for or against Lamont or Lieberman, this is a great place to start reading.

Tim Tagaris and Tom Swan and a whole host of other folks worked their butts off for Ned Lamont.  And they deserve a lot of thanks from all of us for what they were able to help Ned to do in changing the election conversation on the problems in Iraq.  Tim finishes this way, and I wanted to second what he says here:

This was the finest team I have ever worked with … anywhere. Tom Swan is the kind of leader I would follow off a cliff, knowing that I was going off the cliff. Murphy, Rose, Melita, Peter and the field team built the very formidable organization Democratic Party leaders had only feared was possible when CCAG started looking for someone to challenge Joe Lieberman. The Communications staff was a joy. And let me add a note about the unfortunately way-too-much maligned Stephanie Cutter. She was fantastic. She sharpened our message and provided a professionalism to the communications staff not even remotely approached before her arrival. The local bloggers … well, insert every possible positive adjective to describe the appeciation I have to have worked with that crew. Sirota: I would literally go into war against any candidate with this guy around knowing we had a shot and were fighting the good fight. National bloggers like Jane, Stoller, Markos and Atrios (and countless others) did heroic work in helping to shape a national narrative constructed by press invading the state from across the country.

And then there is the candidate. Ned Lamont is one of the most earnest and sincere men I've ever met who had the courage to stand up to an 18 year incumbent within his own party when no one else would. The Senate would have been an immeasurably better place with his presence. He had the courage to run against Joe Lieberman when no one else would … and he deserves all of our thanks.

To stand up and be counted can be a very difficult thing. To do so by putting yourself directly on the line is some serious courage.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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