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Pennsylvania wingnut says 'pro-homosexual payback' is in the works

Man-on-Dog Santorum’s loss to Bob Casey last week has the head of the state’s chapter of the American Family Association wound up. Tee-hee.

One day after the election, Casey announced that one of his priorities in the Senate will be to secure passage of a federal hate crimes law that includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” In a press released issued on November 8, Casey acknowledged that the nation’s largest homosexual lobby group — the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — had been a “tremendous help” during his campaign, calling the group’s energy and commitment “extraordinary.” He then stated he was looking forward to working with the HRC staff to advance hate crimes legislation.

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, believes the incoming senator — who soundly defeated the Republican incumbent, pro-family and pro-life stalwart Rick Santorum — is doing a favor for the HRC. “HRC gave him over $100,000 towards his campaign,” she notes. “They endorsed him [and] they had a setup on their website where you could give directly to Bob Casey’s campaign.” Gramley says there is “no doubt that … it’s payback time — and Bob Casey’s paying HRC back by his support of such legislation.”

Casey, who is pro-life, according to Gramley isn’t pro-life or pro-family enough. She goes on to say that she’s glad Casey’s father isn’t alive “to see the direction his son is headed.”

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