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A Whole Lot Of Oops…


Digby deconstructs several articles about Karl Rove, miscalculations and Republican strategic failures and "magical thinking."  And it adds up to a whole lot of oops.

I think what shocks me the most about this article is that it reveals that Rove actually believed they would definitely win based on his magic numbers. I assumed he was "projecting" confidence as any political strategist would do. I honestly didn't know he was delusional.

And this delusional man's power was unprecedented for a political advisor….

Karl Rove never got Bush a mandate and yet advised him to govern as if he'd won in a landslide. (Maybe he showed Junior some "metrics" that proved that even though he had a tiny majority, it meant his wingnut policies were hugely popular.) And he's been as responsible for the awful state of American politics and malfeasance in office as anyone in the White House. He barely escaped indictment earlier this year.

Can somebody explain to me why the taxpayers are still paying his salary?

Well, that IS a good question, isn't it? And can someone explain to me why the taxpayers were paying his salary while he was "the architect" of this grand Republican election loss in the last cycle? Because, frankly, I think that is an awfully bad return on my tax dollars.

And so long as we are asking questions, can I get some of my money back on the salary we've been paying Rummy the last six years?  Because he flat out stank.  I swear, this is the Enron of presidencies.  "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat…pres…oooops!"   Isn't it about time we called them on the fact that they have known the rabbit wasn't there all along?

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Christy Hardin Smith

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