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* Guess what? Blender and activist Paul Barwick has been chosen by SFGate to post as a community blogger. Check out Paul’s Rants 2.0, over at SFGate. Congrats, Paul!

* Received a little “love mail” from a fundie yesterday:

I just happened on to your website, and I read your comments against Manuel Scott, jr. you also refered to him as being homophobic. With all due respect, what Dr. Scott came from the Bible. I don’t believe it was simply his personal opinion, homosexuality is an abomination to God.

You seem to indicate that what Scott said was inappropriate for such a setting. That may or may not be true. But Dr. Scott is also a man of God and it is his duty to speak out against such sins (especially homosexuality) because it is all the work of the devil.

Who is Scott? He’s an evangelical pastor who made derogatory remarks about gays when he gave a keynote address at the Berkeley High School African-American Studies Department Celebration of Excellence back in June. Here’s what Scott said:

“Homosexuality, bisexuality, they are sins according to the word of God…I understand that the climate (in Berkeley) is a climate that values political correctness, but that’s not my concern. I’m concerned with biblical correctness.”
— Rev. Manuel Scott Jr. explaining the message he delivered during a keynote address to Berkeley High School Af-Am department students

What I said then applies now — who wants to hear this crap during a time when you are focusing on students’ academic achievements?

* Daddy D.’s “ex-gay” roadshow is afraid of the gay press. Dyana Bagby, Southern Voice news editor, was tossed out of a Love Won Out conference for no reason other than the organization didn’t want her there. Never mind that after refusing to accept her presence as a legitimate member of the news media, she went ahead and paid to attend the public event, and they still made her leave. (h/t Ex-Gay Watch).

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