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Something has been on my mind since Wednesday, and I can't hold it in any longer.  In the rush of all the credit-grabbing and the scramble to attach another layer of power base to various factions and whatnot, something very important has gotten lost in the shuffle.

The Democratic victories last Tuesday were a result of a whole lot of work by a whole lot of people.  And the credit goes to all of them, working together, collectively lining up their layers of work to get the results that we now see.

There is no one entity or person who deserves all the credit — no matter how they may claim otherwise.

So thank you.  To all of you.  To the staff of the DCCC that ran field operations for various candidates that had neither the money nor the know-how to do it on their own.  To the staff at the DSCC who helped do candidate recruiting in various states early on in the process.  To the fantastic folks at whose phone banks made such a huge difference for GOTV efforts.  To the various union and labor groups who tirelessly worked the phones.  To the national, state, and local party apparatus and affiliated progressive groups who knocked on doors and talked with neighbors about the importance of their votes.  To those of you who donated to candidates, win or lose, through Blue America or a DNC bond or through party groups…whatever.  To Howard Dean, whose 50 state strategy and state party infrastructure rebuilding made a difference.  To so many more groups and individuals and actions that I cannot even begin to list in their entirety.

And especially to all of you, for all that you did and continue to do.  Just…thanks.  This victory could not have happened without your substantial, dedicated and tireless help, and we are very grateful for it.  All of it.  You helped tremendously, and you should be very proud.  Bravo!

(And a special note to the politicians and their staffs who may read this:  some public thanks from you guys to all the voters and the grassroots volunteers who worked their asses off getting you elected would be a very decent gesture, indeed.  I'm just saying.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy is a "recovering" attorney, who earned her undergraduate degree at Smith College, in American Studies and Government, concentrating in American Foreign Policy. She then went on to graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the field of political science and international relations/security studies, before attending law school at the College of Law at West Virginia University, where she was Associate Editor of the Law Review. Christy was a partner in her own firm for several years, where she practiced in a number of areas including criminal defense, child abuse and neglect representation, domestic law, civil litigation, and she was an attorney for a small municipality, before switching hats to become a state prosecutor. Christy has extensive trial experience, and has worked for years both in and out of the court system to improve the lives of at risk children.

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