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Removing Stick From Ass: Painful

I've written before that there's no such thing as Republican humor, and that might be unfair, because we may be seeing faint glimmers of it on the horizon:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next best thing (by a little) to making Kevin Phillips the new RNC Chair: Bonehead Martinez. Yes, that's right, Bonehead, who with a five-point Bush win in trending-Red Florida at his back, barely managed to beat one of the more anodyne, bland Democrats to run for the Senate outside of Massachusetts; Bonehead, who managed to take a dicey political situation in the Terri Schiavo affair and make himself into a Google search result; Bonehead, who if asked to eat eggs over easy and shave at the same time, would end up with shiny whites and yolk smeared in fork-tine streaks across his face; Bonehead is going to be the RNC Chair.

Okay it's not really funny or anything, but there are some outlines of humor in evidence.   Rush recently proclaimed himself relieved because he doesn't have to defend the party's indefensible members of Congress any more (by which I assume the ones who object to  Mezkins cleaning his house for chickenfeed and scoring his pills), and the new intra-GOP war may have liberated the remedial funnybone in the Red State crowd.  Humor is rather antithetical to the powerful making fun of those they are oppressing, and how many rib-ticklers can you write about date rape anyway — "roofies" is an entirely overused punchline in the Bush era.  It's going to be much easier for them to make teh funny if they're mocking authority, something our wingnut bretheren have under Republican hegemony been loath to do.  

Which is all by way of saying I don't think we'll be seeing the Steven Colbert of the right any time soon, but they may well work themselves up a Howie Mandel or a Carrot Top or two as they watch the opportunistic rats scuttle over the gunwales of their rapidly sinking ship. 

File under "small consolation." 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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