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Operation Save America goes after banks promoting homo 'lust fests'

This effort is particularly feeble, because there’s no way on earth SunTrust, Bank of America, or Wachovia are going to turn away the gay market.

I hate to break it to Flip, but his peeps just can’t accept that they’ve lost their grip on corporate America when it comes to The Homosexual Agenda.” He should hook up with Don Wildmon and his action alerts. The over-the-top scare tactics are so tired.

OSA director Philip L. (Flip) Benham said Bank of America, Wachovia Bank and Sun Trust Bank have bankrolled “celebrations called ‘Gay Pride’ events … in public parks across our nation. These public lust fests promoted homosexual sodomy” in defiance of God’s laws.

Benham said corporations in America “feel under no obligation to do what is right. Their bottom line is making money, and their sometimes immoral actions carry no direct accountability.” That is why OSA is challenging Christians to consider whether they should do business with banks that support the homosexual agenda.

“Should a person, business or church who believes the Bible to be the Word of God deposit their money in banks that use the return on our money to support immoral agendas?” Benham asked. “Are we aiding and abetting immorality?

It might be more helpful if Flip produced a list of banks that support his homophobic agenda in order to direct the money to the right place. At this point, I’m sure the list is quite short.

I’ll give Flip some free advice. It looks like the Riverview Community Bank in Otsego, Minnesota (pop. 6,500) fits the bill. The Christian Examiner article says bank founder Duane Kropuenske had a vision of opening the business based on Christian principles…

[Senior vice president Chuck] Ripka told he believes a revival is happening at Riverview Community Bank.

He and at least two other employees, including one who opens checking and savings accounts, regularly pray for customers when they feel God prompting them to do so. Ripka, who approves or disapproves the bank’s individual and business loans, often prays during meetings with customers, including those he turns down for loans.

God has opened people’s hearts through the prayers, Ripka said. As a result, 31 people—customers, employees, employees’ spouses, and a few neighborhood waitresses—have become Christians, he said, and two employees have been healed of diseases.

… Another unusual aspect of the bank is its loan-collection policy. If a customer were struggling to make payments on time, the bank would not send out collectors. Instead, it would call the customer “to ask how we can pray for their situation,” said Ripka, adding that that situation has not yet arisen.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding