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More Ethics Problems for Democrats?


This time, Barak Obama.  I guess the bloom is off that rose

"This is the first time this has happened and I don't like the feeling,'' Obama said. "It's frustrating to me, and I'm kicking myself about it."

Book deal leads to real estate deal

To recap: Obama inked a book deal after winning election to the Senate in 2004. With his new wealth, in June 2005, Obama bought a $1.65 million mansion in Kenwood, some $300,000 below asking price. Rezko's wife Rita paid $625,000, the list price, for an adjacent empty lot the Rezkos may develop.

The deals closed the same day because the seller insisted both parcels be sold at the same time.

When the deals went down, Rezko — who befriended Obama when he was a nobody Harvard law student — was already cast in news stories as a controversial figure and political fundraiser.

By January 2006, when Obama bought a strip of Rezko's yard, Rezko's status was elevated to politically radioactive, since it was known he was under investigation by federal prosecutors.


So what did he learn from the Rezko transactions? Obama said, "One of the things you purchase in public life is that there are going to be a different set of standards, and I'm going to make sure from this point on I don't even come close to the line."

Obama thinks that a house purchased for $300,000 below asking price and a land deal with a shady character is only an issue because he's in public life?  Is that the spin here?

I don't know about you, but I did not work my ass off just so a new set of Democratic crooks can set up residence across from the old GOP K-Street crooks. Corruption is corruption and it doesn't matter the party.  We're not Republicans, and we're not so enamored with authoritarianism that we will find any excuse to absolve people ostensibly on "our" side of the aisle from responsibility for their indescretions.

On the positive side, Obama is finally ready to take a position on something controversial.  Good to know.

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