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Homobigot to slide into Ken Mehlman's seat at the RNC *

This should do wonders for the GOP — naming another Rethug homophobe to the RNC. I guess the step up is that he’s a hetero homo-hater instead of someone the far-right thinks is part of the homosexual cabal that infiltrated the GOP to orchestrate its overthrow, lol.

Florida Senator Mel Martinez employed two gay advisers for his campaigns John Dowless and Kirk Fordham — yes, the same Kirk Fordham who was former chief of staff to page predator Mark Foley. Fordham also served as Foley’s babysitter when the ex-congressman was cruising the bars — to make sure he didn’t hit on pages. Unbelievable.

Some fun facts on Martinez, from HRC:

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* Scored a zero on the Human Rights Campaign 2006 scorecard measuring support for equality and fairness in the 109th Congress.

*An ardent supporter and co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Martinez has been on the record opposing Republican Senator John McCain’s states-rights stance on the issue saying, “it isn’t good enough to say, ‘Leave it up to the states. If we leave it up to the states we will see the erosion of marriage that we’ve seen by activist courts, which we otherwise will not see if we protect the institution of marriage at the federal level.”

* Attacked his 2004 Republican primary opponent for supporting hate crimes legislation accusing him of catering to the, “radical homosexual lobby.”

* Ran a 2004 campaign that was so anti-gay and divisive that Florida’s Republican Governor, Jeb Bush, called on him to stop the attacks. Also because of his anti-gay tactics, the St. Petersburg Times revoked their endorsement after Menendez sent a mailer against his opponent calling him, “the new darling of the homosexual extremists.”

Way to go, Rethugs! See you next election cycle.

* Hope it’s not painful.

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