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Baptists voting to deep-six gay-tolerant churches

“While we fully recognize that other sins assail our members, there is no other sin that has a national advocacy group where people march and try to change laws and cultural mores to gain approval for itself. This particular sin is creeping its way into acceptability by virtue of this group’s advocacy, and it is time for us to take a stand.”
— Baptist State Convention spokesman Norman Jameson, as the body moves to vote to further demonize its LGBT members of its flock by expelling tolerant churches

You know, I thought that the Baptist State Convention had voted on this one already — there will be no gay clergy, no gay parishioners and, of course, no public statements affirming gay civil rights. They are meeting in Greensboro to officially adopt the policy, which will result in some non-compliant churches getting booted from the organization. (News14Carolina):

The measure, to be voted on during the convention’s three-day meeting that starts Monday, requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

Opponents of the policy aren’t optimistic.

“I don’t think we’re going to get heard, I don’t bear any illusions about winning,” said the Rev. Robert Ferguson of Emerywood Baptist Church in High Point, one of 40 pastors who signed a letter opposing the change. “But if we’re going to start asking everybody about everything going on in their lives … where are we going to stop? What about divorce? Are we going to narrow it down so only the ‘righteous’ can come?”

And what a low bar it is to be called out by these folks; under the policy, it only takes two people to make a complaint against a church “with which they are familiar” citing it is too homo-friendly, to bring the hammer down.

The Alliance of Baptists is opposed to the measure and leadership expects that it will be expelled from the Convention, and that as others meet the same fate, there will be an re-alignment of Baptist churches (in much the same way that we see the tug of war in the Episcopal church).

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