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It has been a loooooong time since the days when I applied for college when it was as simple as “What’s your GPA? SAT’s? Your favorite color? Okay. You’re in.” (Keep in mind this was San Diego State in the days when it was rated by Playboy Magazine as the number one party school in the country and the football team didn’t blow.) Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, things have changed. After pouring over catalogs and touring campuses and asking countless questions, we have finally narrowed the lovely and talented Casey’s choices down to two schools where the academics are suitable (for widely different reasons) and she has been offered a spot on the women’s soccer team. One coach from a school that had been recruiting her for well over a year fell off of the face of the earth after the L&TC blew out her ACL last December, so that certainly helped narrow it down. Other schools dropped by the wayside because they either lacked the specific academic program she was looking for or she couldn’t see herself enjoying the school or the city/state where the school was located. In other cases she just didn’t care for the style of soccer that the coach taught (“They play like thugs,” said Little Miss Yellow Card.)

Now we are going through the transcripts/application/SAT/essay/interview funhouse which is complicated in some ways by NCAA rules involving contact with the coaches. Although she’s not being recruited by Notre Dame, Nebraska, or Ohio State to play football, the same rules apply. Actually NCAA rules for recruiting football players and basketball players are somewhat more lenient than for the other campus sports that aren’t big money and aren’t always being accused of cheating. You can look it up.

Anyway, we hope to have a letter of intent signed before the middle of December and then we can finally relax and be truly thankful that she is an only child.

(By the way, we’ve been down this road too)

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