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Weak GOP field for 2008

The horse race has begun. There are rumors swirling about Tool McCain setting up an exploratory committee for a 2007 bid, but he shot it down today.

John Weaver, McCain’s political advisor, tells CNN that “there will be no formal announcement this year,” but acknowledged, as has McCain, that the senator is seriously considering a White House bid. Weaver did say McCain and his political team did meet in Phoenix on election night and the following day.

On its website Friday afternoon, ABC News reported that the exploratory committee “will be set up this month — perhaps as early as next week.” Weaver said the creation of the exploratory committee is inaccurate.

“We are doing the same thing today on Nov. 10 that we were doing on November 6, before the midterm elections,” Weaver said. “We are gauging interest. We are talking to a lot of people. But when John and Cindy gather with their children for the Christmas Holidays, as a family they will make a decision.

How much of a tool is McCain? Take a look at what he said about Ken Mehlman, upon learning of the RNC head’s departure.

Calling his tenure “a remarkable success,” Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, praised Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman’s contributions to the GOP Friday and said he took the party to “new heights.”

“As chairman, he brought a badly needed civil tone to our political debate- one I hope our next chairman emulates,” McCain said in a statement “Taking the GOP to new heights, Ken dramatically improved the ‘get out the vote’ machine and created the most efficient system we’ve seen for spreading a cohesive Republican message.”

Man, the Kool-Aid must be tasty to the Arizona senator.

Anyway, here is the latest CNN poll on the horses at the gate.

October 27-29
Registered Republicans’
Choice for Nominee in 2008

Giuliani -29%

Sampling error: +/-5% pts

How Brownback had enough recognition to even land on that list is pretty funny. And how on earth did video diagnostician Frist even manage to grab 6%?!

Check out a nice roundup of Dem and Repub 2008 contenders in Congressional Weekly, “The ’08 Race for the White House Begins.”

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