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Vote for Russ!

Russ was on the air for The Next Great Progressive Talk Radio Star and he was fab. Blenders, you should listen to the streaming audio of the broadcast (he airs last out of the four finalists), and post a comment; the judges read them to help them decide who goes to the final round.

Here’s what I left there, in a thread, Blenders for Russ.

I think the final two will be Sarge and Russ. Both showed great command of the medium, and Russ was, without a doubt, the voice we need to have representing next-gen progressive radio. I’m biased of course, because Russ is a contributor to my blog, Pam’s House Blend, but as a listener of talk radio, I look for an entertaining, engaging, informed, and quick-on-their-feet thinker to combat the Right.

Russ showed all the chops in this round, yet again — and he had to deal with 3 callers, which added to the mix and demonstrated how well he handles off-the-cuff, unhinged folks. Jack, the right wing nut who called in, made a great foil for Russ (love the “magic rock”), poor Jack didn’t have a prayer in trying to make the case that the Democrats would be aiding and abetting the terrorists.

The caller Chris from Madison asked about Rumsfeld being tried for war crimes in Germany, and Russ quipped “Rumsfeld won’t be going to Octoberfest any time soon.” That was great.

The “red state refugee” really has a great edge and grasp of the issues — he expresses himself well on my blog, and it’s gratifying that he can transfer that energy and thoughtfullness to radio. He’s got great timing. Bill Press and one of the judges, Paul Woodhull clearly were impressed with Russ’s timing, choice of topics, and handling of callers as well.

I know you’re going on to the next round, Russ!

The two finalists will be flown to DC to compete in-studio. Folks, go over, listen and leave a comment for our “red state refugee.”

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