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I was standing in line at the grocery store and couldn't help but notice the spate of celebrity divorces among the cutesy, saccharine Hollywood couplings that have spent recent years churning out children for the cover of People Magazine at an alarming rate.  As someone who always thought Jessica Simpson existed because the country needed to be able to iconically envision in a semi-palatable fashion the right-wing agenda that the fundies were trying to jam down their throat, I also felt that the celebrity- as- babymaking- machine motif went into overdrive as part of the same impulse.  Angelina Jolie may be a bit of a wack who runs around wearing vials of Billy Bob Thornton's blood and making out with her brother on national TV, but because she is willing to pop out kids she emerges as the heronie over Jennifer Aniston whose evil, selfish desire for a career made ditching her Brad Pitt's only reasonable option.  (And before anyone starts, I know these tabloid narratives are always a bit simple and atavistic, but I felt that they got quite a bit more repressive and mysoginistic during the years of right-wing hegemony).

Anyway, they all seem to be divorcing each other, which may be a coincidence or may just be an inevitable outcome of trying to have a relationship in the public eye and not being quite as together as Paul Newman.  I also have some thought that they are sticking their fingers in the wind and deciding that as we all watch the Good Ship Fundie take on water they don't have to be living out some twisted version of Father Knows Best in order to satisfy the public expectations of such things, meanwhile living lives that are just as deeply flawed and compromised as the rest of us. 

Which is all by way of saying that if it were to come out soon that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a life that looks like Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf and he privately admitted to friends that it was the biggest mistake of his life and now he's stuck, I would not be surprised. 

Update:  Jon Swift says that this requires congressional intervention.  Bigger than Schiavo?  Could be. 

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