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Support the 'Defense of Britney's Marriage Act'

Jon Swift wants to underscore the sanctity of marriage by saving the Spears-Federline union. Part of the howler:

I’m beginning to think that this story may actually be more important than the election because what is at stake here may be our most fundamental and sacred values. When Republicans tried to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment last summer, their aim was to protect the institution of marriage, which is the basic building block of our society, from being destroyed by gay marriage. But if Republicans really want to save the institution of holy matrimony, they should start by saving Britney’s marriage.

…Many young people across the country see Britney and K-Fed as role models because they prove that anyone, no matter what their backgrounds are or how much talent they have, can become successful in America. As a singer, a mother and a die-hard supporter of President Bush and the Republican Party she has been an inspiration to young people. What kind of a message would we be sending to our youth if we allow her to dump her husband just because sales of his album have been a little sluggish?

…If Republicans really want to protect the institution of marriage, and were not simply trying to ban gay marriage to use it as a wedge issue in the campaign, then they should prove their dedication to this cause by introducing the Defense of Britney’s Marriage Act as the first order of business in the lame-duck session of Congress and President Bush should sign it.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding