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From Real Time with Bill Maher, his take on the election (via A Revolution of One).


Pastor Ted’s plight led many people to ask, ‘is it genetic’? I mean, can a man actually be born a hypocrite?

People of too much faith just don’t see reality. Bush not seeing Iraq for what it is, is not that different from Reverend Ted’s followers still think he’s not gay…in their world, there are not gay people, only straight people — who are sinning. They don’t want to do it, but the devil makes them. He targets people like Reverend Ted, that’s how it happened. The devil got a hold of Reverend Ted, and Ted said, ‘Get thee behind me Satan…and put it in gently‘…The man was anointing people with Astroglide…”

Maher, btw, didn’t out anyone on his show, as he promised on Larry King this week. After CNN censored his outing of soon-to-depart RNC head Ken Mehlman, perhaps he got a little gun-shy. The numnuts at WND hilariously weighed in on the outing.

What do you think of Bill Maher’s outing of RNC chief Ken Mehlman?


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