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Carol Channing condemns gays, citing the bible

The Gay People’s Chronicle‘s Kaizaad Kotwal had an interview with 85-year-old Broadway legend Carol Channing, and he got an earful of shocking comments from the actress, who has a big gay following, and who, in the past, spoke adoringly of her gay fans. A snippet:

Kaizaad Kotwal: You seem to have a very large gay following. Have you ever thought about why?

Carol Channing: I don’t think about them. I’m grateful that they seem to like me. They’re terribly loyal to me. But I’m knee-deep in the Bible and you know what it says about that.

KK: Alright.

CC: Oh, dear. Is this for a gay publication? Have I offended you?

KK: Yes. For the Gay People’s Chronicle. Right now, it’s really not my job to be offended or not be offended. I am just asking questions and reporting answers. I read that you have fought for gay rights. Do you think that the things gay people are fighting for are important?

CC: I don’t think about it. If they can’t take care of their own problems, why should I bother. It’s not my problem.

KK: I see.

Kotwal said that about a third of the way through the interview, Channing asked him, “Oh, dear. Is this for a gay publication?” He reconfirmed this and she still continued on with the bible beating.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding