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Threat of violence from religious crazies forces Jerusalem pride parade cancellation

“This is not the homo-land, this is the holy land. Today is a great victory for religious power. The sodomites are back in the figurative closet. They are not free to provoke.”
— Unhinged bigot Rabbi Yehuda Levin on a gay pride parade that was canceled in Jerusalem; instead, there will be a rally inside a closed stadium

The hatemongers of all faiths stirred up the violent freaks, threatening a dangerous situation in Jerusalem. It’s sad. (Reuters):

There have been nightly protests in Jerusalem’s religious neighborhoods against the parade.

“Why are they pushing us back in the closet? There is more than one way to be a Jew,” said Yossi Gilad, 36, from Tel Aviv, who works for a non-governmental organization.

…Police said they arrested several religious youths near the venue who were carrying knives and brass knuckles. There were also a few minor scuffles between right-wing opponents of the event and gay rights activists in the city but little violence.

…Some 3,000 police deployed to secure the event and set up checkpoints on all routes to the stadium to prevent ultra-Orthodox Jews and other protesters entering. Many roads were also blocked.

It should be noted that the Vatican and evangelical Christian groups also asked for the Israeli government to cancel the parade. Unity in bigotry.

Since when has it been acceptable for people of faith to be so intolerant that they foment violence over a simple parade of people? These crazies deem out gays as an attack on on their religious freedom. How familiar does that sound?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding