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Mike Jones spills more beans on Haggard

You’ll have to surf over to RadarOnline for the full interview with Jones; I’m only posting a couple of interesting tidbits.

Do you think he was doing meth before you met him?
You know what’s interesting? He acted stupid when he first got it, like, “How should I do it? What do I do with it?” And I was like, jeesh. I would fall into the trap and show him, like he was this innocent guy who was curious. But you know he is not stupid. That’s the thing, he’s not a stupid man, he just screwed up.

This is something I have always wondered about: closet cases with wives and children
I have no doubt in my mind that they fantasize about men. That’s the only way they can get it up.

Is it safe to assume that Haggard’s a bottom? Maybe a power bottom, but a bottom nonetheless.
When people see him, the first impression is, Oh my god, he looks gay. When they were having the service at his church and reading his apology letter, all the reporters that were there came back to me and said, “You know what, Mike? It’s really strange. All the guys that were up on stage were young, good-looking men.”

…What did you think of Haggard’s apology letter?
The problem with his apology letter—and he is a brilliant writer, there is no doubt—is that he gives so little specifics. It’s all generalities and all to tug the heart strings of his followers. I don’t even know what he is talking about with his demons and dark side and dirt.

Author Jack E. Jett interviewed Jeff Gannon, of all people, prior to Jones, and said the White House cub “reporter” wanted to ask Jones, now that the marriage amendment in CO passed, whether Jones might “feel badly about destroying the lives of Ted Haggard and his family for nothing?”

Oh please, look at who’s moralizing? You all can shred that statement in the comments.

Jones deserves kudos for exposing Haggard as a fraud and hypocrite who not only preached intolerance but worked to successfully legislate it into his state’s constitution. Jones put himself out there with nothing to gain — he’s not been able to perform any work as a legitimate massage therapist since this all blew up; in the interview he said been faced with so many threats that he’s afraid to let anyone in his home.

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