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Dean Fires Back at Carville


Howard Dean responds to Carville's bragadoccio (via spokeswoman Karen Finney):

After the Republicans have admitted to a thumping, why is it that the only one complaining on the Democratic side is James Carville, who today in addition to trashing Howard Dean, praised the RNC, the outfit that brought us the racist ad that defeated Harold Ford, James' supposed candidate for Chair?

Perhaps he's not aware that under Dean in this midterm election the DNC has raised record cash — all hard dollars — including three times as much from major donors, eight times as much online and made a $30 million investment in the '06 cycle, three times as much as the DNC put into the last midterm. Not to mention we made an $8m overhaul of our voter file which was successfully used in 47 states and through the 50 state strategy invested in states like Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana and Montana where we had critical victories on Tuesday.

Since Carville's wife Mary Matalin has been mentioned as possible future head of the RNC I think it's great he's offering suggestions about how the DNC should comport itself.  Did he read Joe Conason's piece, entitled "Howard Dean Vindicated," and figure she just wasn't quite game enough to handle the competition?  One has to wonder.  He is no stranger to the inside job, after all.

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